Project Description

e Austin Thompson | Festival Ensemble Series | EDM Solos For The Progressive Percussionist

EDM Solos For The Progressive Percussionist (Electronic Drum Music)

e Austin Thompson

Released: 2017
Grade: 2
Performance Time: 3:24
Series: RWS Festival Ensemble Series
#RWS-1757-00 | Ensemble

Inspired by the popular and exciting sounds of electronic dance music, e Austin Thompson has created this collection of percussion solos for the developing musician. Including solos for snare, marimba, timpani, bass drum, and cymbals, the performer is accompanied by an EDM audio track giving the student a contemporary musical experience that will be valued by the soloist and their peers. In addition, multiple parts can combine to form a unique percussion ensemble accompanied by the same audio track. The incentive for students to practice and perform on various instruments as well as create their own unique ensembles is invaluable. From a single soloist to an entire percussion ensemble, EDM Solos For The Progressive Percussionist is a unique and valuable addition to the educational repertoire.


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