On this Memorial Day Weekend, the RWS Music Company would like to take time to remember those who payed the ultimate price in service to our great nation. Their selfless sacrifice has paved the way for Americans like us to explore our art without fear of persecution or censorship.

US Army Veteran, and RWS Music Company Director of Marketing R. Paris Foreman: “It is always important to me that we remember this holiday is not for veterans. We are alive. We made it home. This day is for the heroes. The women and men who are not here to celebrate. That’s who we should be thinking of today. Salute them. And enjoy the freedom they provided.”

Among these brave servicemen were the B-17 crews of the Army Air Corps in WWII. The average age of the crews was only 22 years old. They flew extremely dangerous missions and suffered an almost 45% casualty rate. It is in honor of these brave crewman that Robert W. Smith composed “Flying Fortress“. Please join us in remembering these great Americans.