Project Description

Robert W. Smith | Symphony Band Series | The Prairie Is My Garden

The Prairie Is My Garden

Robert W. Smith

Released: 2018
Grade: 5
Performance Time: 8:28
Series: RWS Symphony Band Series
#RWS-1823-00 | Concert Band

Inspired by and based on the masterpiece “The Prairie Is My Garden” by American painter Harvey
Thomas Dunn, this work for the symphonic band is large in scope and musical depth. In the painting, a mother and her two children are out gathering flowers from the quintessential prairie of the Great Plains. Composer Robert W. Smith delivers us to the same Great Plains in this epic musical tone poem. From the reflective opening solo to the bold and courageous statements that follow, this homage to the generations that built the great American west is an excellent concert/festival selection for the mature concert band.
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