Project Description

Skill Stretchers For Band II (Level 2:Moving Beyond the B-flat Scale)

Heather Hoefle

Released: 2020
Grade: 2
Performance Time: 2:45
Series: RWS Developing Band Series
#RWS-2044-00 | Concert Band

Do you wish your clarinets would practice going over the break? Do you want your trumpets to practice lip slurs and your flute players to remember those high note fingerings? Do your percussionists forget the rudiments? Are you struggling to introduce chromatic fingerings in a heterogeneous classroom setting? Skill Stretchers For Band II is a set of exercises for group practice of all these concepts AT ONCE! A follow-up to Skill Stretchers For Band, this invaluable teaching tool will help your band move beyond B flat concert scale efficiently and effectively. Prepare your students for the next performance level in just minutes a day!

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